I have been pleasantly surprised by good service, the lowest price and fast, qualitative performance of the order!
Konstantin Vejsov, Basic House OÜ

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Friends, we will offer you not just powerful bass, we will select a subwoofer so that it suits you not only in terms of power, but also in sound and price. Below are 7 standard sets that we most often install in our workshop. We tried to offer them the lowest cost for 1W of power. Choosing any of the sets you will not be disappointed and get the sound with the best price / quality ratio today.

Let's compare?

In any case, our capabilities are much wider and we can always offer you something special. Just ask us for a personal offer!

Special solution: Built-In subwoofer

Our proprietary solution when we hide a powerful subwoofer in the fender, under the seat or floor of the trunk and practically do not reduce the space. A super popular solution for Premium cars, as such a setting allows you to keep the original appearance in the trunk.

Ask for a personal offer!


XS-Set: Active Subwoofer - 150W

Small but good! A good and cheap addition to the original system, if the bass is just low. For best results, it is installed under the front seat. Often installed with our Premium audio system.

Music Power: 150W RMS / 500W MAX

Price with installation 300 €


S-Set: Active Subwoofer - 300W

Decent and inexpensive subwoofer for 300-400W, with built-in amplifier. You get good bass and reasonable power for a small price.

Power: 400W RMS / 1000W MAX

Price with installation for 10", 300W - 350€
Price with installation for 12", 400W - 370€


M-Set: Subwoofer + Amplifier - 600W

Our most popular set. The amplifier and subwoofer are installed separately from each other. The subwoofer is easy to detach and remove from the trunk. The subwoofer is designed for 600W RMS and this is the power level at which you can actually listen to music loudly!

Music Power: 600W RMS / 1500W MAX

Price with installation for 8", 600W - 450 €
Price with installation for 10", 600W - 450 €
Price with installation for 12", 600W - 470 €


L-Set: Subwoofer + Amplifier - 900W

Even louder and more powerful! This is a 12 "900W RMS subwoofer and is installed by default in bass reflex box in order to get even more powerful and assertive bass! For this kit, we can also make a case for a car according to an individual project, for example, in a case with 2 subwoofers!

Music power: 900W RMS / 2500W MAX

Price with installation 12" box - 600 €


XL-Set: Subwoofer + Amplifier - 1500W

When bass is always small! Just a super powerful 1500W RMS subwoofer with a good amplifier! Suitable only for true lovers of real power. For this subwoofer, we specially design and manufacture a subwoofer enclosure for your car. Squeeze out of it to the maximum!

Music power: 1500W RMS / 4500W MAX

Price with installation and hand-made subwoofer enclosure for your car 12", 1500W - 990 €
Price with installation and hand-made subwoofer enclosure for your car 15", 1500W - 1090 €


XXL-Set: Subwoofer + Amplifier - 2500W

Unreal MONSTER! 2500 Watt RMS! Only for true fans of the most powerful bass! When we test this subwoofer in our workshop, tables are bouncing on the second floor in the office! If you need a person, then you need everything to the maximum.

Music power: 2500W RMS / 7500W MAX

Price with installation and hand-made subwoofer enclosure for your car 12", 2500W - 1490 €
Price with installation and hand-made subwoofer enclosure for your car 15", 2500W - 1590 €


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