The whole customer experience was great! You answer my email request quick and you where very helpful all the time. I got excellent service and will come back again!
M.R. Finland, Audi A6 Avant 2008

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Audio systems - Autosound Atelier

Are you after the name written on the loudspekers under the protection grills, or after the sounding that gives you creeps? And if heart and soul are more important for You than a piece of iron, comе to our Аtelier!
Аudio system, like a perfectly fit suit You wear, has to be „tailored”. We are able to combine the standard solutions with the unique sounding that suits You and only You, as we know how to find and touch off a storm of your emotions!

Select one оf the solutions below.

Car audio system PREMIUM

While choosing a new car, were you wondering, what audio system to choose: a standard one or to pay more and order a Premium system? An later, have already driven a car with standard equipment for some time, have you sometimes dreamed: «If only Premium sound system was installed, how cool it would be!»? 

Now you have a possibility to please yourself on the road with Premium class sound for a reasonable price. Leave your car at our atelier us just for one day and you will not recognize the sound!

Price with installation now is only – 690€ 


Audio system PREMIUM PLUS

2 x more power, 2 x more emotions, 2 x more pleasure!
Double the power of Premium system.
An original head unit as well as the car interior will not be changed, but the sound will change totally – you will just not recognize it! Today Premium Plus system is the most popular audio solution, that our clients choose.

Price with installation – 790€


Premium audio system for BMW

Replace ordinary audio system in your BMW with a Premium class system! With Premium system both quality and power of the sound will be significantly improved for a reasonable price at our atelier!

This audio system, developed specially for BMW, includes two additional amplifiers and high class speakers. We do not change anything in the car interior, but just add the pleasure from driving the car!

Price with installation – 890€ 790€ 


Car Audio System DARK POWER

More powerful and louder! Experience the unlimited sound!
Are you longing to come out of the concert hall or club, gеt into the car аnd hear the same power and quality? Here is the system for You in the DARK POWER category! 

We’ll hide the high power in Your car, but fully keep its functionality!


Tailored design of Your system

Our atelier is the ideal place where You may find the audio system of Your dream that seems too-good-to-be-true! It is a top-notch creation in everything, starting from a single tiny detail and finishing with the ultimate functionality and the car appearance. What does it look like?
Here You may order the tailor-made solution ensuring the perfect desired result.
Your positive emotions require thе unique approаch. There are no standard formulas. Your neighbor may enjoy things that You find disgusting, and it doesn’t speak about your ignorance of music!


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