I have been pleasantly surprised by good service, the lowest price and fast, qualitative performance of the order!
Konstantin Vejsov, Basic House OÜ

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Car audio system PREMIUM

While choosing a new car, were you wondering, what audio system to choose: a standard one or to pay more and order a Premium system? An later, have already driven a car with standard equipment for some time, have you sometimes dreamed: «If only Premium sound system was installed, how cool it would be!»? 

Now you have a possibility to please yourself on the road with Premium class sound for a reasonable price. Leave your car at our atelier us just for one day and you will not recognize the sound!

Our Premium system includes a powerful amplifier in super small size with real 4х45W RMS, new 200W speakers for front doors and 150W – for back doors, doors vibration damping and our professional installation.  

Premium car audio system with installation costs now with discout only – 690€ !

Never buy a pig in a poke! Yo are welcome to our atelier to listen the audio system before buying it. Do not trust just the advices, believe your hearing and your emotions! Register yourself for the listening meeting by phone 50 25 85.

Premium audio system includes:
1. Amplifier Excursion PXA-45
2. Speakers for front doors Excursion SX-6C
3. Speakers for back doors Excursion SX-652
4. Kit of necessary wires Hollywood CCA28
5. Vibration damping material for doors Silent Coat Standard 2m2
6. Full installation and support
7. 2- year warranty

User manuals

iconSXA_Amplifier_Owner_Manual (4 Mb)

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