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Composite Engine Shields

Нow important for You is hygiene аnd protection of the сar „hеаrt”? Can You imagine what would happen to your heart if it wasn’t protected with the chest!

 Practice has proved that 38% of the engine faults аre caused by dirt and water which get under the bonnet, directly onto the engine, wires, belts, into the control unit, etc. You may also take into consideration the great risks of getting your car damaged from the bottom after driving onto a piece of ice or a brick. Or are our roads being already cleaned well?
Install the Engine Shield made from the composite material and avoid those risks! Drive with comfort and fear no risks.

Why does our Engine Shield make the best solution?

1. It is a purchase for the whole operational life of the car.
2. It is far more durable than any other shield available on the market of protection, due to the properties of the composite material. Come and test!
3. It is not distorted at bumping. This is very important, as, for example, metal, unlike the composite material, is easily dented and distorted. The metal shield is more difficult to remove and, actually, impossible to be put back as the fixtures won’t match anymore.
4. The composite engine shield weighs less than the metal one.
5. It is „shape-tailoured”, i.e. well covers the engine compartment with all necessary curves and reinforcement ribs.
6. Our shield is corrosion-free
7. Our engine shield does not affect the car safety as it is mounted with a help of the fixtures that can be only pulled off during an accident.
8. Only we can give the warranty for durability of our engine shield.

Соst of the engine shield from the composite material is 290€ with insatallation. Only some very big models make the exception.

Look at the available shields list in our e-store

Watch, how strong is our engine shield!

 Why should I install the engine shield?

The original manufacturers’s engine shields are made from the common thin plastic. They can serve as some protection against dirt, but they cannot protect engines against bangs of ice, stones on the roads, pits and other. More than that, engines in many cars are not protected from the bottom at all. It endangers, first of all, to block engine up with dirt, especially in winter time. As a result, there are рrоblems with the equipment. The problems mainly occur with alternator belts and electrical equipment. And the last, but not the least – engine also requires hygiene influencing its flawless performance.
In the snowy winter the original engine shield breaks quickly into pieces and contributes to anxieties that would trouble the car owners. Snow blocks the space under the engine shield, it might catch on the road, and so on and so forth. Just once install a shield from the composite material and forget about the problems forever!

Any modern car is strictly tried and tested for safety. For example, in frontal crash the engine must move down, not into the car saloon. Keep safe! We remembered to take care of safety when we were drawing up the fixtures for our engine shields. To fix the shield we use the pulled off units. The shield is firmly attached to the car frame and will easily stand any dumps, and shield and fixtures will remain undamaged.
In case of a car accident the fixtures are simply cut off, without reducing the safety level of your car.
Never attach sheets of iron under the engine with bolts! It is dangerous both for you and your passengers!


Shields are made from the new generation material. It is the composite material. The similar material is used for the military purposes in manufacture of helicopters and rockets. The last Boieng 787 for the civil aviation for 50% consists of the composite materials. Formula 1 race cars are completely built from the composite material. There are a lot of composite materials, and in every single application a special type and a special combination of composites are used.
From a technical point of view, in the composite are used various fibers from fiberglass, carbon or kevlar (it is also used in armour vests). These fibers are multi-layer and they are permeated with various resins – either epoxide or polyester resins with different properties.
The composite material, compared with metal, is greatly preferable due to its durability, it is more light-weighted, and the engine shield from the composite material is not distorted at bumping. Furthermore, the technology enables to manufacture products of the most complicated shapes, straight according to your car. Welcome to the ХХI cеntury! Nowadays the cutting-the-edge tеchnologies are available for You, too.


Installation of the engine shield does not alter anything in the car design, and it cannot breach the factory warranty for the new car.
We provide the 2-year-warranty against damage.

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