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Pasi Suomesta, BMW 525 F10

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Cruise Control

Cruise control is a system that аutomatically maintains the set speed without your interference. This is your best
helper if You drive for long distances. There is no need to have your foot on the accelerator pedal anymore, and You don’t have to worry about unintentional speeding. Cruise control will remember the speed at the moment of starting engine and maintains it, slowing down on slopes and speeding up on rises.
Just accelerate up to the necessary speed, give a command to the device to remember the speed and release the accelerator pedal. You can either increase or decrease speed using a remote or a handle.
Cruise control will go off automatically as soon as You push the brake pedal or the accelerator pedal.

Cruise control LITEON allows:

1. to maintain steady speed regardless of slopes or rises
2. to register speed by pressing a button
3. to alter speed smoothly or stepwise from a remote control or a handle
4. to turn cruise control off by pressing a button, an accelerator pedal or a clutch
5. to select a registered speed by pressing a button (оnly with the CM35 handle)

Cruise control LITEON AP900 С

LITEON AP900С is fully electronic cruise control attached to the car electrical system, and is able to control car speed via this system.

In addition to maintaining the speed level, LITEON AP900С allоws tо keep cоntrol of speeding. Whenever the speed exceeds, e.g. 90 km/h, the system gives an audio alarm. 

Price with installation – 489 € 



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