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Konstantin Vejsov, Basic House OÜ

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Installing Subwoofer

Subfoower is vitally essential in оrder to receive the powerful and deep bass in the car. Nowadays no serios audio system can exist without a subwoofer. Ноwever, subwoofer requires a body that is not exactly the small one не маленьких. What can be done, if the trunk space is of the utmost impоrtance, while You still would like to listen to music?
Leave the problem with us. We have learned to hide the power so that it is invisible, though perfectly audible.
It’s always possible to find free niches in the wings or the floor, where the subwoofer’s body can be easily placed following some certain technologies.
We make bodies from a composite material. This material lets make a body despite any difficult car shapes or curves. Subwoofer body is covered likewise the original upholstery, looks like it and saves the space.
Come to the consultation and together we’ll find the solution for Your car!

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