Loistavaa palvelua; irroitettava koukku ja DEFAn moottorilämmitin + sisäpistoke yli tonnin halvemmalla kuin Suomessa. Helpdesk hoiti homman ensiluokkaisesti! Great service; towbar and engine heater much heaper than in Finland and the helpdesk was excellent!
Matti S, Opel Astra K 2015

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Installing Head Unit

Head unit replacement in modern car often requires making constructional changes. The measure of successful installation more and more is not only the sound quality itself, but how nice istallation is and how well it matches the design of Your car.

We redo the original panels and make transitional frames. We exploit advanced technologies that allow to make the appearance maximally near to the original. Practically any upholster can be restored or made very similar to the factory make. Еven if You cannot imagine how beautiful may look Your new CD-player, or You think such a solution is impossible in Your car, You still need to visit us and we’ll try to do our best to find a perfect solution! 

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