Everything seems to be fine and nothing problems yet! Noise isolation is very good again and even my girlfriend said that car is better now :) New audio system is also great. I havent test every part but now I'm very satisfied!
Tommi Lindström, Audi TT Facebook

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Sain kiirelt konkreetse ja piisava vastuse.

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Minu esitatud küsimustele reageeriti kiiresti ja tehti ka kohe hinnapakkumine. Hiljem võeti ühendust ka telefoni teel. Igati viisakas ja kiire teenindus.Aitäh!

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Immobilizer is a device that protects a car against theft. It prevents the engine from being started, even if a carthief has got the car keys. Immobilizer blocks the main electric circuits in the car. The immobilizer can be only switched off with a help of the personal PIN-code or the unique electronic key.

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