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Timo Hilden, Seat Ateca

My new Seat Ateca was installed with the premium noise insulation package in 2017 . Excellent service including the pictures of the work. The noise world was definitely much better and is now at a premium car level

Antti M, Skoda Octavia

Tow bar work, great job. 10 points !

Nik Vashilov, VW Passat

Good job guys, keep it up!

Matti S, Opel Astra K 2015

Loistavaa palvelua; irroitettava koukku ja DEFAn moottorilämmitin + sisäpistoke yli tonnin halvemmalla kuin Suomessa. Helpdesk hoiti homman ensiluokkaisesti! Great service; towbar and engine heater much heaper than in Finland and the helpdesk was excellent!

Antti Saltiola, Mercedes-Benz A 180 CDI

Palvelu erinomaista, yhteydenotot sähköpostin välityksellä toimi erittäin nopeasti ja ammattitaitoisesti. Autoon asennettiin vetokoukku joka sujui hyvin, aamulaivalla Tallinnaan ja iltalaivalla takaisin Helsinkiin. Vetokoukun asennusta voi suositella muillekkin, hinta edullinen, alle puolet Suomen hintatasosta.

Raimo Piippo, VW Caddy

Ten points for quick and professional email answers.

Heikki Laukkanen, Mazda 6 2012

1. Quality of the work .
2. the work can be ordered via the Internet
3. a good reputation
4. reasonable price

Harry Juselius, Chrysler Sebring

I had terrible tyre noice in my car Chrysler Sebring 2.7 model 2005. Now I have much less tyre noice after installing the PREMIUM noice Insulation 1.8.2014 and I got very good service and they did exellent job and all as agreed.

Tuomo, Toyota Avensis

The installation works perfect when coming from Finland. Morning ferry to Tallinn, drive car to Ravolar, to Old Town by taxi or by foot and in few hours later back :)

M.R. Finland, Audi A6 Avant 2008

The whole customer experience was great! You answer my email request quick and you where very helpful all the time. I got excellent service and will come back again!

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