Very good, I am happy with the work. It feels quieter and the frequencies of the remaining noise are much better. It will be even more so with the larger summer tyres I am sure. Thanks again for the pictures!
Henrik, Audi Q5, Finland

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Car alarm systems

Let’s try and choose for your car the electrоnic watchdog.

There are 3 main types of car alarm systems that we offer:
1. One is the classicаl car alarm with the remote control. By pressing the button, the door locks are closed, and the car alarm system is activated. By pressing another button, the door locks are unlocked, and the car alarm system is disactivated. At attempt of breaking into the car, an alarm is triggered.

2. The next is the alarm with the two-way connection, wherе a small control panel already works as a receiver of the car alarm signal. At attempt of breaking into, the control panel starts giving the loud sygnal. How else would You know that the sygnal went off, when You were in the shopping centre?

3. And there is also the alarm without the additional control panel. Practically all new cars have already got a control for locking and unlocking the central car lock. This type of the new generation car alarms is connected to Your original control-key, so You don’t need to attach one more control to the car keys.

Car alarm Secure Can, connected to your original remote cоntrol

If you already have the original remote control for the central lock, there is no need to attach one more control to the keys. This car alarm will be controlled from your original remote control. It matches ideally the car PC and easily adapted to any car model. This system is accepted by all Insurance companies in Estonia.

Cost with installation 269 €


Immobilizer Skybrake DD5

Immobilaizer SkyBrake DD5 is the most reliable immobilaizer, that is available in the market nowadays. Immobilaizer SkyBrake DD5 will be switched off automatically, if the electronic key is in the car. There is no need to take the key out of the pocket – just get into the car and start the engine!

Cost with installation – 249 €


Car alarm Eurosec

Best value for money. The reliable system with all necessary security functions.
The control only has 2 buttons – open and lock. So, the system is simple in use, without unnecessary bells and whistles.
This is the perfect solution for car security, аs well as for the remote control of the central lock.
This system is accepted by all Insurance companies in Estonia.

Cost with installation 269 €


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