Everything seems to be fine and nothing problems yet! Noise isolation is very good again and even my girlfriend said that car is better now :) New audio system is also great. I havent test every part but now I'm very satisfied!
Tommi Lindström, Audi TT Facebook

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Tere! Klienditeenindaja oli väga meeldiv, sain vajaliku info. Ehkki tagurdusandureid ei õnnestunud lõpuks ikkagi ära vahetada, oli teenindus kiire ja asjalik.

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Väga meeldiv teenindus, jäin väga rahule. Tänud Kseniale.

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NEOLINE dash cameras

Dash Camera Neoline Wide S31

High quality video due to the powerful processor, WDR function and anti-glare CPL filter, coupled with extended package and good price make NEOLINE Wide S31 one of the most functional and reasonable dash cameras on the market.

Price 85€
Price with installation 120€


Dash Camera Neoline Wide S39

A standard dash camera can not provide a high-quality detailed picture in the bad lighting conditions or in full darkness. Neoline Wide S39 has the unique camera lens system, that automatically switches IR filter to the transparent mode in the hard lighting conditions. This function guarantees highly detailed black-and-white picture.

Price 99€
Price with installation 135€


Neoline G-Tech X53 Dash Cam

G-Tech X53 form factor permits isolated installation of the main and auxiliary cameras, separately from the master unit. It makes the device almost unnoticeable, so you don’t need to discount it while parking Multifunctional application for Android and iOS provides maximum comfort and flexibility of the setup process and gives opportunity to publish video files online.

Price 249€
Price with installation 299€


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