Everything seems to be fine and nothing problems yet! Noise isolation is very good again and even my girlfriend said that car is better now :) New audio system is also great. I havent test every part but now I'm very satisfied!
Tommi Lindström, Audi TT Facebook

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kiire, selge! kõik OK

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Immobilizer Skybrake DD5

Immobilaizer SkyBrake DD5 is the most reliable immobilaizer, that is available in the market nowadays.

Immobilaizer SkyBrake DD5 will be switched off automatically, if the electronic key is in the car. There is no need to take the key out of the pocket – just get into the car and start the engine!

The engine will stop in a while, if you get out of the car taking the electronic key with you. Immobilaizer SkyBrake DD5 is controlling the availability of the electronic key during the dive (Anti-Hijack function). If there is no key in the car during the drive, the engine will be blocked in 140 seconds after the key disappearance from the car.

Advantages of immobilizer:
- no manipulations are necessary to disactivate the immobilizer;
- the operating radius is quite big;
- the small size of the key allows to keep it in a wallet or together with the car documents.

Disadvantages of immobilizer:
- it is necessary to change a key battery once or twice a year.

Cost with installation – 249 €

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