I had premium noise installation done a year ago and I have been very happy with the results. The noise has decreased a lot and the most annoying frequencies coming from studded winter tyres are pretty much gone. Thank you!
Lauri Salminen, Skoda Octavia II Combi

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Everything seems to be fine and nothing problems yet! Noise isolation is very good again and even my girlfriend said that car is better now :) New audio system is also great. I havent test every part but now I'm very satisfied!
Tommi Lindström, Audi TT Facebook

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Ceramic window tinting

Tinted new generation with nano-ceramic structure. This is the best protection against solar heat and interior heating. Even light-colored Ceramic tinting provides good thermal protection and blocks a large number of infrared rays.

In Ceramic tinting, we use Johnson InsulateIR, nano-ceramic film, which is specially designed to protect against Infra-Red radiation or, in other words, from heat. 

Ceramic tinting prices:
Passenger car / minibus without front doors - 269€
Passenger car / minibus including front doors - 369€

Johnson InsulateIR blocks up to 84% infrared radiation and perfectly protects the interior from heating even with the lightest tint.

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