I had terrible tyre noice in my car Chrysler Sebring 2.7 model 2005. Now I have much less tyre noice after installing the PREMIUM noice Insulation 1.8.2014 and I got very good service and they did exellent job and all as agreed.

Harry Juselius, Chrysler Sebring

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Palvelu erinomaista, yhteydenotot sähköpostin välityksellä toimi erittäin nopeasti ja ammattitaitoisesti. Autoon asennettiin vetokoukku joka sujui hyvin, aamulaivalla Tallinnaan ja iltalaivalla takaisin Helsinkiin. Vetokoukun asennusta voi suositella muillekkin, hinta edullinen, alle puolet Suomen hintatasosta.
Antti Saltiola, Mercedes-Benz A 180 CDI

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Premuim Window Tinting - 149 €

You have purchased your car for a long way and it has become a member of Your family?
In this case, the Premium tinting is the right choice for You. Premium means the respectable appearance and clear vision from the inside, even with the darkest tinting colours. It is a guarantee for life combined with the ideal performance.

Differently from the Classic tinting, Premium has a slight metallic lustre. Combined with the charcoal base, such tinting matches ideally any colour or car class. It may add presentability to a business class sedan and attractivity to a family mini-van.
The Premium tinting can realise all our knowledge and experience complemented by flawless materials.
For Premium tinting we use the American film Johnson from the Silhuette series. This is the best possible material which we could find during 10 years and which has passed the test of time. It explains why we provide a guarantee for the Premium tinting within the whole life of the car.
We strongly advice to visit http://www.johnsonwindowfilms.com/SP.php#

The Premium tinting means doing additional work in order to fashion the maximum unique appearance. You should know that it is virtually impossible to tint a car within an hour. Have a look at different appearances of tinted glasses!

By chosing Premium tinting you will avoid white trims around glasses, visible flecks of dust or bubbles.
Come and make sure in the impeccable quality standard of the Premium tinting we perform!

Prices for the Premium tinting (tinting of the car, the front doors and windshield are not included):

-small two-door car            - 139 €
-оrdinary passenger car     - 149 €
-off-road vehicle / minibus - 159 €

Order additionally:
-windshield tint strip for only 29 €
-the front doors tinting for 79 €

Remember that tinting of the front doors is banned and it is only done on your own responsibility!

* price is valid with tinting of the rear windows. 
Separately front windows tinting costs 79€.
Type Transmissivity of visible light, % Blocking of the sun energy,% Blocking of UV light,%
 SP05  6  58  99
 SP15  16  55  99
 SP20  22  55  99
 SP35  34  52  99
 SP45  47 43  99

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