I had premium noise installation done a year ago and I have been very happy with the results. The noise has decreased a lot and the most annoying frequencies coming from studded winter tyres are pretty much gone. Thank you!
Lauri Salminen, Skoda Octavia II Combi

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Good job guys, keep it up!
Nik Vashilov, VW Passat

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Noise Insulation PREMIUM


Nobody understands the personal needs of a car owner more than we do! We fondly welcome new customers to enjoy sound insulation solution tailored for personal requirements. The Premium sound insulation Package means the ultimate use of materials spent on the project. This package combines only the best of our developments put into practice during the years. We will pay attention to each plastic part of Your car interior and work out thoroughly all of Your comments about the car.

The most effective vibration absorber, Silent Coat Extra, 4-mm-thick, is installed on the rear arches, next they are covered with the 35-mm-thick Sound Absorber.
On the floor a hight-effective vibration absorber Silent Coat Extra, 4 mm thick, is installed. O. This vibration absorber is fully covered with Noise Isolator which can be 4 - 10 mm thick.

Such a combination notably dampens vibration transmitted through a car bottom into its interior when driving at high speeds.
Try to knock on the car roof and imagine a kind of the air flow influence when you drive fast. You will be practically sitting inside a huge drum! To avoid the unpleasant feeling, the whole roof metal sheet is covered with Silent Coat sheets combined with the 15-mm-thick Sound Absorber or with the 4-10 mm-thick Noise Isolator, depending on the thickness of the material that can be placed under the lining.

Doors are treated with the vibration absorber Silent Coat, both inside and outside, аnd between the lining and a door is installed the Sound Absorber 15 mm. As a result, the outer door metal sheet stops vibrating during driving and transmitting every sound into your car, and noise insulator acts as a lаst barrier for any remaining noises from outside.

Bonnet is actually a large iron sheet vibrating while driving and transmitting the vibration into a car interior through the various attaching points. We make them heavier and dampen vibration with a help of Silent Coat Extra, thickness of which makes 3 mm.

In addition, we install to the front fenders 2-mm-thick material – Silent Coat.

Installation time – 2 full working days
Standard Premium Package price – 1590 €
Premim Plus package - 1790€ - Solution for Vans and Premium Class cars

Mazda 5 Premium Noise insulation

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