Your tow bar price was very good if you compare it to your competitiors in Finland. Your help desk did good job to find right tow bar.
Pekka Mukkala, Hyundai i30 wagon

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My new Seat Ateca was installed with the premium noise insulation package in 2017 . Excellent service including the pictures of the work. The noise world was definitely much better and is now at a premium car level
Timo Hilden, Seat Ateca

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Stationary towbar Steinhof and Thule (Brink)

In addition to the detachable towbars, Thule manufacture non-detachable towbars securely fixed on the car.

- stationary towbar especially suits those car owners who use it constantly;
- cost is considerably lower than the cost of detachable towbar;
- towbar can be chosen for practically any vehicle;
Steinhof stationary towbar with installation costs  250€
Prices of Thule towbar with installation start from 279€

For the cars, that electric block is necessary for the lights connection, the price will be 35€ higher.

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