Your tow bar price was very good if you compare it to your competitiors in Finland. Your help desk did good job to find right tow bar.
Pekka Mukkala, Hyundai i30 wagon

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Palvelu erinomaista, yhteydenotot sähköpostin välityksellä toimi erittäin nopeasti ja ammattitaitoisesti. Autoon asennettiin vetokoukku joka sujui hyvin, aamulaivalla Tallinnaan ja iltalaivalla takaisin Helsinkiin. Vetokoukun asennusta voi suositella muillekkin, hinta edullinen, alle puolet Suomen hintatasosta.
Antti Saltiola, Mercedes-Benz A 180 CDI

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Bike Carriers

There are so many attractive places where you would like to leave the car and ride the bike. THULE can offer several simple ways of the convenient and safe carrying – up to four bikes at a time:
-on the top of roof
-on the towbar

Thule Bike Carriers Lockable on Towbar

Thule offers a wide range of the bike carriers lockable on the towbar – varying from the most simple, though absolutely safe models, to the constructions designed for carrying up to 4 bikes. All of them are easily mounted and folded for convenient storage. Thule products in that category include unusually versatile means of transportation, which, if combined with various accessories, allow to carry both bikes and oversize loads. 


Thule Bike Carriers for Roof – ProRide, OutRide and FreeRide

Thule offers three types of carriers for carrying bikes on the car roof. They are: ProRide, FreeRide and OutRide. All of them are mounted on the frame holder within a few minutes. All three types are safe and strong. They secure Your bike steadily and safely during the whole travel. The bikes are protected from dust and dirt as they stay high above road. That is why the professionals prefer to carry the bikes on top of the car roof. 


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