Your tow bar price was very good if you compare it to your competitiors in Finland. Your help desk did good job to find right tow bar.
Pekka Mukkala, Hyundai i30 wagon

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The whole customer experience was great! You answer my email request quick and you where very helpful all the time. I got excellent service and will come back again!
M.R. Finland, Audi A6 Avant 2008

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Base racks on the roof

Rаck, or base rack consists of two transverse load bars attached to the car roof with 4 feet and, if necessary, with brackets. Base rack is easily and quickly mounted without tools, it is safe and comfortable in use.

What can a base rack be used for? 

Base rack can be used for carrying on the roof cargoes and equipment that are normally too big to be placed inside the car. For example:

-canoes, surfing boards, kayaks
-skies, snowboards
-boxes for hiking equipment
-building materials (boards, stairs, pipes)
-cargo crates

Square load bars Thule in steel

Тraditional square load bars in steel with black plastic coating. The slotted bars are 2 mm thick. Reliable, prim and attractive due to their low price.

Price per pair of bars from 50 €


Thule WingBar Roof Racks

Innovative transverse bars (the roof rack) Thule WingBar : reliable and elegant, with curved aerodynamic profile. Their main advantage lies in the extreme silence: the vast majority of drivers will forget about the rack mounted on the car roof. What’s more – the wingbar fits easily with mоst carries for bikes, boats, skies and snowboards.

Price per pair of bars from 110 €



Thule Slidebar Roof Racks

Thule SlideBar with sliding functionality is specially designed for easiest possible loading / unloading of heavy, bulky load.
Bi-directional sliding to avoid scratching or damaging your car, and protect your clothes from dirt!

Price per pair of bars from 225 €


There are several reasons why more than 70% buyers of the cargo carriers choose Thule:
1. Thule offers an enormous variety of cargo carriers for vehicles.
Thule manufactures cargo carriers for all existing models of cars (except for the rare or vintage models). All together the assortment of Thule products covers about 98% of the automotive market.

2. All Thule cargo carriers are tested.
Before any new Thule model can go into production, it is exposed to thorough testing by Thule specialists. As a result of different tests the Thule carrier surpasses all safety and reliability standards. In fact, the recommended loads on the base rack can be increased twofold.
Apart from endurance tests, all Thule products are tested for aerodynamic properties. Thule engineers also pay great attention to decrease of resistance, noise and vibration during movement of a car.

3. Thule carriers cannot spoil your car.
All elements of Thule carrier are attaсhed to a car safely as they are coated with the protective layer of plastic or rubber. In case of the adequate use, Thule carrier will never damage (scratch or dent) your car.

4. Оne model of base rack fits several cars.
70% of the cars in the world are manufactured with the flat roof (without railings). Keeping this fact in mind, Thule has developed the universal system opening up the possibility to mount the same rack on different cars with the similar type of roof. The rack is fixed behind the door opening with a help of the fixation system which is shaped according to the roof curve. You can buy inexpensive separate fixation system and fix the rack on another car with the similar type of roof.

5. Base rack is easily mounted without tools.
All parts for Thule base racks can be bought separately thus saving your money. After purchasing a new car with another type of the roof, it might be enough to change one element only in order to mount the rack on the new car. This is especially convenient in case there are more than one car in your family. All Thule racks are assembled and mounted without the use of screwdrivers or spanners. Most of the racks do not require any tools at all. You can mount some of the components using a hexagon drive.

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