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Car alarm Secure Can, connected to your original remote cоntrol

If you already have the original remote control for the central lock, there is no need to attach one more control to the keys. This car alarm will be controlled from your original remote control. It matches ideally the car PC and easily adapted to any car model. This system is accepted by all Insurance companies in Estonia.
The system is controlled via channel CAN, i.е. speaks the same language as the car, which eliminates any failures in its oрerаtion.
The car alarm Secure CAN is manufactured in Europe, and we give on it a two-year warranty.

Security functions:
- The car alarm secures doors, bonnet and trunk from being opened, rеsponds to breaking of glasses or any movement in the car saloon.
- When the alarm is on, it’s impossible to start the engine.
- It is impossible to disactivate the alarm by turning the door locks!

Additional functions:

- If the control fails, the car alarm can be turned off with a personal PIN-code.
-The alarm will keep in memory the last oрerаtion and indicate the reason of the alarm activation.
- The system rolls up the windows automatically when locking the car in case of availability of the function “Comfort” in the car. Most German cars have got it.

Installation time is 4 working hours
Cost with installation – 269€ 

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