I had terrible tyre noice in my car Chrysler Sebring 2.7 model 2005. Now I have much less tyre noice after installing the PREMIUM noice Insulation 1.8.2014 and I got very good service and they did exellent job and all as agreed.

Harry Juselius, Chrysler Sebring

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Always good!!
Pedro Neto

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Calix Classic Parking heater system

Calix Comfort set with 1200W interior heater for warm-up of a car.

By switching the system before set-off, You will heat both the engine and the interior of Your car. Depending on the frost, just switch heating on 1-3 hours before set-off, and get into the warm car when the heater blows in the warm air.

Calix Classic set contains:
- interior heater 1200W
- element for heating the engine
- the mains cable 220 V
- installation

Calix Comfort set costs from 375€ with installation including element for heating the engine.

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