Your tow bar price was very good if you compare it to your competitiors in Finland. Your help desk did good job to find right tow bar.
Pekka Mukkala, Hyundai i30 wagon

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Useampaan autoon on asennettu hinauskoukku vuosien mittaan. Hyvää työtä, hinnat kohdallaan ja erinomaista palvelua. Vahva suositus!
Jari Kallioniemi, Renault Scenic

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Car roof boxes

A box, mounted on the car roof, can increase the trunk volume by 200–400 litres and it allows to decrease degree of the trunk and the saloon upload! Car boxes protect your luggage from the road dirt, rain and snow. In boxes on the car top You can transport skies, bags, any type of luggage, both in summer and in winter, year after year. Never fear the difficulties during the travel - Thule will take care of Your comfort and safety of things!
Thule offers 5 various models of boxes, from which you can choose the most suitable option. These are:

Thule Ranger Roof Box

In case, you have nowhere to hold a roofbox, pay attention to the foldable boxes Thule Ranger – made from material on the hard bottom.


Thule Motion roof box

Stylish and spacious roof-mounted cargo box, optimized for ease of use.


Thule Dynamic roof box

Thule Dynamic is an exquisite car roof box which represents аn exclusive approach, featuring enchanced aerodynamic properties of the product and well-thought-out functionality.


Thule Excellence roof box

Excellence 900 is the exclusive roofbox for Your car!
This box is distinguished by the excellent performance and perfect quality of fitting parts. It has everything that is necessary in the exclusive box, including technical features for easy fixation and removal of box. It is opened with a help of specially designed and convenient handle, and you can load into the box anything – from skies to a sail. The most exact word for description of this model is – реrfection.




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