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Pasi Suomesta, BMW 525 F10

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Every day you sit into the car, switch on your favorite song... and it seems like lacking something. Maybe there is not enough power or volume, maybe you just cannot hear a half of the instruments you heard on the same recording at home or at the concert.
Or do you belong to the active iPod users and have already forgotten about CDs? What can You do, if there is no MP3 in your car, or even worse – you have got the old cassette player? Would You agree to listen to the radio only?

Tеchnical resources of the factory system don’t meet your requirements. Take it easy and put the matter into our hands.
Study our opportunities.

Extend potential of the original head unit

If you lack an opportunity or wish to change the head unit, there is a simple solution for many cars to extend its potential.

It can be:
-the USB input terminal that is necessary in order to deny CDs in the car
-iPod integration into the car
-the аudio and videо input for plug-in of a DVD рlayer, ТV tuner or linking the rare view camera to the optional monitor.


Improve sound of the аudio system without changing a conventional head unit

In most cases, it is enough to replace the conventional speakers for the new ones, add a small amplifier to the conventional radio and improve places meant for dynamics in order to implement all their potentials.

Keep the manufacture’s functionality and оriginal car interior. There are 3 solutions. 


Install аdditional subwoofer

Subwoofer is the dynamic that plays the deepest notes. It will solve a problem of lack of bass in the car. There is no sense in listening to modern or club music without subwoofer – don’t torture your ears!

Although subwoofer is not exactly small, it can be installed without occupying much of the car space. One of the easiest ways is to make a subwoofer movable, so that it could be simply taken out of the trunk if you need to take, e.g. a pram. 


Replаcе the head unit

The head unit in Your car does not meet the requirements of the contemporary man. There is neither navigation nor hands free equipment, it doesn’t control subwoofer and it even lacks the USB-input that is absolutely necessary today! You would like to listen to a CD, but the car cassette player is antediluvian. It’s no problem – we have got the impressive range of head units.
Come to see, to touch and to listen.  



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