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Videoregistraator Neoline Wide S39

Active NightVision color filter

A standard dash camera can not provide a high-quality detailed picture in the bad lighting conditions or in full darkness. Neoline Wide S39 has the unique camera lens system, that automatically switches IR filter to the transparent mode in the hard lighting conditions. This function guarantees highly detailed black-and-white picture.


Neoline Wide S39 with wide dynamic range (WDR) feature provides well balanced picture in terms of wide range of lighting conditions. This is particularly important during the entrance / exit from a tunnel or in case of bright direct sunlight. Due to WDR function complemented with Full HD matrix, Neoline Wide S39 makes high-quality videos even in the most challenging conditions.


Due to the wide 160º view angle, Neoline Wide S39 covers up to 5 traffic lanes without distorting the picture.

Neoline Wide S39 – your reliable witness in accidents

Videos made with a dash camera are recognized as evidence in case of the administrative proceedings (according to the Federal Law No. 114-ФЗ of April 26, 2016). A video file specifying the date and time is a valid argument to prove your faultlessness. Neoline Wide S39 can add date and time stamp to a video.

User-friendly interface

Neoline Wide S39 has an intuitive interface, simple to use. The big 3 inch display provides an opportunity to watch videos and change settings with great comfort. Even the most unexperienced user will be able to do that easily.

Additional functions

Neoline Wide S39 boasts some advanced dash camera features. Sound recording, motion detection, loop recording, and car interior view are guaranteed to save the smallest details of your trip.


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