Just bought subwoofer with booster. Well done, good service, quick work. No words, only emotions. Very thankful
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Tere! Klienditeenindaja oli väga meeldiv, sain vajaliku info. Ehkki tagurdusandureid ei õnnestunud lõpuks ikkagi ära vahetada, oli teenindus kiire ja asjalik.

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väga hea teenindus :)

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Neoline G-Tech X53 Dash Cam


Neoline G-Tech X53 master unit, rather than traditional car video recorders, is installed in a secret place, while its compact camera is so small that it doesn't draw attention. As a result, the device is installed only once, no need to constantly dismount it while parking.


G-Tech X53 is equipped with a Wi-Fi module, an App Store and Play Market applications available for users, allowing to set up the car video recorder, save required files to your smartphone or publish the video online.


Neoline G-Tech X53 car video recorder is equipped with a front-facing Full HD camera, as well as an auxiliary HD camera to record all nuances of the traffic situation behind the car.


Parking mode, enabled by the impact sensor or motion sensor, and compact camera size of the G-Tech X53 device allow discreet recording at the parking lot. In case of traffic accidents, the video recorder will save a video file of the event on a memory card.


Using a highly sensitive SONY sensor, Neoline G-Tech X53 records Full HD video during both daytime and nighttime.


Neoline G-Tech X53 is equipped with an external GPS/Glonass module. A video is not only stamped with date, time and car plate number – car velocity and coordinates are added, to reinforce the evidential base in case of road traffic accidents.


Neoline G-Tech X53 is equipped with a capacitor, not a regular battery. Capacitors are much more resilient to high temperatures and show long-life performance. Installation of capacitors solves many typical problems of car video recorders: overheating, explosive hazard of a battery, loss of latest files.


Neoline G-Tech X53 is a joint product of leading Korean and Russian specialists in car electronics, designed to enhance driver safety. Neoline G-Tech X53 is a perfect combination of Korean quality and reliability, as well because of the latest data processing algorithms and innovative technologies.

Price 249€
Price with installation 299€


Application for Android

Application for iOS

User manuals

iconManual_G-TECH_X5x_(EN) (2 Mb)

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