The whole customer experience was great! You answer my email request quick and you where very helpful all the time. I got excellent service and will come back again!
M.R. Finland, Audi A6 Avant 2008

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Olin, olen ja jään teie teenust kasutama. Tänud!

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Väga hea ja tubli teenindus.

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Bluetooth hands-free kits for onboard connection

In Estonia since 1 July of the year 2011 the law has been enacted which bans drivers from holding their mobile phones while driving. To provide the opportunity to communicate, we offer our clients the Bluetooth hands-free car kits from Parrot. The system immediately connects to your phone after turning on the engine. You can receive and make calls without taking your phone out from the pocket! You will hear sound coming from the car speakers, and a small microphone will be installed for you. All you contacts will be downloaded into the Parrot sуstem, and you can see on the display who calls you, You can also choose from the phonebook who to call to.

Parrot CK – hands-free car kits, the simрle and affordable solution for making calls in the car
Parrot MK – in addition to a phone in your car, these models are also gifted for music. You can listen to your favorite tunes either from a USB flash drive, SD card or straight from the phone!

Drive your car safely!

Hands free bluetooth BLUE EASY CAR KIT

Blue Easy can be clipped to a sun visor or installed on the dashboard. Inexpensive and convenient portable item, it is easily installed into another car.

Cost - 50 €


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